comdev TTC_cheops_filter-mediumPhase2 Microwave is supplying Filters and Diplexers for Space Payloads following Microspace procedures. 

By using commercial parts and methods as far as possible in controlled batches hi-reliability items can be produced cost effectively.

Shown here is an S Band dual filter attached to a Honeywell ( ComDev) TT&C transponder for a Scientific Satellite.

Phase2 Microwave have the procedures in place to meet all the Microspace requirements.  Tracebility of materials is maintained, manufacturing procedures are controlled, parts are assembled in a  class 10,000 Laminar flow cabinet with precap inspection and a full electrical test report is produced.

The challanges of designing filters to meet the multipaction and gas discharge requirements of space are well understood. Both circuit based and EM based calulations can be proformed to demonstrate the required margins.

All these procedures can be applied in a straightforward way to any passive microwave component.