Phase2 Microwave has specialised in the design and production of high power filters and couplers of which many are for the Radar market.


Both waveguide and coaxial filters are supplied. The waveguide bandpass filters all use full height or over-height guide without internal tuning screws to maximise the power handling. The waveguide lowpass filters use sinusoidal corrugations to provide large internal gaps which again maximise power handling.

The breakdown capability of the filters can be accurately calculated and the designs often allow operation without the use of SF6.

Loop couplers which can handle these high powers have been developed, to allow signal monitoring, for all bands. Couplings are typically 40 to 50dB.

Weather Radar

Following recent ITU and ECC recommendations all weather radars need to limit their out of band spurious emmissions. Phase2 Microwave has developed bandpass and lowpass filters which allow operators to meet those requirements.

We also supply many low-power pre-lna filters for receiver protection.

X Band

Bandpass and Lowpass filters are available in the 9.3 to 9.6GHz band for powers up to 100kW peak (dry air at +400mB)

120308 8164 Phase2MW

C Band

Various Bandpass and Lowpass filters are available in the 5.4 to 5.7GHz band for powers up to 500kW peak ( dry air +400mB)

120308 8119 Phase2MW

S Band

Bandpass and Absorptive Lowpass filters are available for powers above 1MW peak.

Military Radar

 Phase2 Microwave can supply radar filters from 1 to 50Ghz but has concentrated on  2.7 to 3.1GHz S Band components.

Standard waveguide Bandpass filters and absorptive lowpass filters are available for high power surveillance radars.

The use of the 2.5 to 2.69Ghz LTE Band by cellular operators interferes with the S Band radar receivers and has stimulated a major redesign of the filtering requirements.

Phase2 Microwave provide a large number of coaxial filters for the transmit and receive chains of phased array radars, handling powers up to 2.8kW peak.


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