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Phase2 Microwave is supplying Filters and Diplexers for Space Payloads following Microspace procedures. 

By using commercial parts and methods as far as possible in controlled batches hi-reliability items can be produced cost effectively.

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Phase2 Microwave has specialised in the design and production of high power filters and couplers of which many are for the Radar market.

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Phase2 Microwave works with the major European Miltary groups including Airbus, Selex, BAE System and Thales to provide a wide range of microwave components and subsystems.

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Phase2 Microwave has a long history of innovation and production in the Tetra and cellular markets. It has also been active in the US homeland security and point to point markets.

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Phase2 Microwave have a wide range of VHF and UHF filters available using lumped element, helical and combline technologies.

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Phase2 Microwave supplies a wide range of components and subsystems for the Commercial Satcoms Market.

Most devices are exactly designed using in-house software and manufactured from silver plated aluminium.