Phase2 Microwave cares about the environment and its impact, as such we are constantly reviewing our impact on the environment.

 Phase2 Microwave care about the environment

All of our employees regularly participate in several awareness days about eco-attitudes at work.

Waste sorting and recycling
We separate cartons, papers, catalogs, magazines, plastic films from other waste for recycling.
We collect fluorescent tubes and other used light sources internally for recycling.
We separate electrical and electronic equipment internally for recycling.
We collect used batteries internally for recycling.
Used ink cartridges and toners are returned to manufacturers in most cases or recycled by specialists.
We sepaerate all our ferrous and non Ferrous materials for appropriate collection and recycling.
All our recycling companies are registered and certified.

With respect to our customers
All the products we import or that we have made are REACH and ROHS compliant.
Our products are packaged only with recyclable packaging.