New Products

Phase2 Microwave  new upcoming  products.


New   Products



Note:  the table below is work in progress, if your requirement is not shown on this page or would like an alternative please contact us for  further details, we will be glad to help to suit your requirements.

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New  Range Products
Description Frequency
Range (GHz)
Data Sheet

3D Model

wg11a transition   Coming Soon C120 Filter, Passband 10.7 - 12.5 Coming Soon  Coming Soon
wg12 transition   Coming Soon WG10 In Line Transition 2.7 - 3.1 Coming Soon Coming Soon 
wg13 transition   Coming Soon TE10  to TM01 Mode Converter


Coming Soon  Coming Soon
 wg14 transition  Coming Soon WG12 HP Bandpass Filter  5.6 - 5.65 Coming Soon  Coming Soon
wg15 transition   Coming Soon WG22 Custom Flange Transition  27.0 - 31.0 Coming Soon  Coming Soon