Waveguide Technology can be used to design low-loss complex filters and multiplexers as well as a large number of other devices. Waveguide designs can handle very high power if designed appropriately.

Phase2 Microwave have a lot of experience in designing waveguide components and specialise in high power designs. Mode matching software allows the exact design or optimisation of many types of complex filters and components 

Bandpass Filters

Standard Chebycheff bandpass filters - Exact designs, cost effective fabricated or machined structures.

Extracted Pole and Non-Resonant Cavity designs allow stop poles to improve rejction performance

Dual mode rectangular cavity designs lower insertion loss and sharpen rejection. Used in Radar filters with power handling up to 1MW.

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Lowpass Filters

Tapered corrugated designs for compact fundamental mode solutions.

Waffle iron designs for maximum mode suppression up to medium powers

Sine lowpass filters for high power wide stopband solutions as used in radar systems.

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Exact design of elliptic bandstops for naroow bandwidth using machied or fabricated technology 

Wideband and specialised bandstops using multiple stubs optimised for performance. Often used as Transmit reject devices



Specialised highpass structures allow very high rejection low loss devices to be realised. Milsatcoms Receive Reject filters being one example.


Loop Couplers

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High Power Hybrid Couplers with or without Phase Matching - used for antenna arrays

Cross Guide Couplers

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Wavegude to Coaxial transitions 1 to 40Ghz - special requirements catered for.


Magic Tees