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Lumped Element Filters, using discrete capacitors and inductors, are the technology of choice below 500MHz and are useful to 3GHz. 

Efficient filter prototypes such as elliptic and psuedo-elliptic, which give very steep rejections can be realised.

A very wide range of circuits can be offered :-



Bandstop (Notch)

Diplexers including Lowpass/Highpass...

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Combline filters use coupled rods less than a quarter of a wavelength long shorted at the same end. Typically lengths between 30 and 55 degrees are used giving a compact, mechanically straightforward and versatile filter. 

The unloaded Q of the capacitively loaded rods depends on how the capacitance is realised. Normally a tuning screw inside the resonator produces a resonably high Q. A...

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Interdigital filters use coupled rods one quarter of a wavelength long, shorted at alternate ends. Therefore no end capacitance is required, which simplifies the structure compared with a combline filter at the expense of larger size. They are higher Q than the combline filter and can be designed for wider bandwidths. However stopband is interrupted by passbands at 3x, 5x etc the passband...

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Cavity Filters, where the coupling between capacitively loaded resonators is though an iris, allow complex high Q filters to be realised. Exact synthesis and cross coupling allow steep rejection and loss loss to be realised in a rugged and compact structure. Phase2 Microwave are very experienced in designing cavity filters and diplexers particularly for the cellular market. Lowloss notch filters...

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Waveguide Technology can be used to design low-loss complex filters and multiplexers as well as a large number of other devices. Waveguide designs can handle very high power if designed appropriately.

Phase2 Microwave have a lot of experience in designing waveguide components and specialise in high power designs. Mode matching software allows the exact design or optimisation of many types of...