Phase2 Microwave works with the major European Miltary groups including Airbus, Selex, BAE System and Thales to provide a wide range of microwave components and subsystems.


We have the ability not only to provide high performing components but also to work with the project team, using 3D cad, and being involved with the system design, to provide the optimum electrical and mechanical solution.

Examples include work on various Naval Satcoms systems and S Band Radar Tx-Rx modules.


A range of lowloss waveguide filters is available for X Band and Ka Band

An example of a high power X Band Milsatcoms switched filtering system is shown below.

02 IMG 8461 medium


GPS Notch Filters

A range of lowloss coaxial GPS notch filters are available with notch rejection up to 80dB.

They are an essential component of high power anti-IED jamming systems.

IMG 1877 s


UHF Comms Filters and Diplexers.

Phase2 Microwave provide coaxial and Helical filters solutions for the military in the UHF band.

120308 8158 Phase2MW


EW Filters

Narrowband and wideband ( up to 40%) coaxial filters can be designed exactly using in house software and mode-matching programs together with high performing lowpass filters.

Specialised Components

Because of our extensive microwave experience and EM and mechanical modelling capability we can provide special variations of standard components, such as transitions or couplers, with special interfaces, shapes or performance.