Phase2 Microwave has a long history of innovation and production in the Tetra and cellular markets. It has also been active in the US homeland security and point to point markets.


For the most part these systems require cavity filters and diplexers which are a Phase2 speciality with production designs dating back more than 20 years.


Tetra and UHF LTE

Phase2 Microwave has a large range of filters and diplexers in the 350MHz to 450MHz range which includes Tetra and some of the UHF LTE bands. Medium volume production has been ongoing for many years. 

Homeland Security

A triplexer at 700/800MHz was produced for the US Homeland Security Communications System with very high performance in a very compact form factor.

120308 8132 Phase2MW

Cellular and LTE

Phase2 Microwave offers consultancy services to design and develop filters, diplexers and masthead boxes for high volume manufacture by the cellular industry. After proving the design with a low volume prototype run a production data pack is produced to allow the customer to manufacture anywhere in the world. 

For passive devices and LNA's Phase2 will handle the complete package. For subsystems including HPAs or more complicated electronics Phase2 will collaborate with other leading design organisations.

Examples shown below include masthead boxes and DCM/UMTS diplexers.

120308 8173 Phase2MW061026 0989 alpha2 1 medium14 060322 8548 q45 tta medium


General and Test Components

Phase2 has a lot of experience in supplying special often highly complex  filters and multiplexers for testing radar and spacecraft systems. These can also be Low Pim if required.

The full range of microwave components is available.