Phase2 Mirowave offers a UK based flexible electrical and mechanical design service, which can include project management if required.

We are used to working as part of a multi-disciplinary team producing high quality designs and prototypes in short time-scales. Typically we would be responsible for the complete mechanical design, the passive electrical design and be working with active pcb and digital teams. 

Recently we have added LNA design and multilayer high frequency PCB circuit board design to our capabilities.

Through our cooperation with Epislon RF can also offer High Power Amplifier design as part of a package.


We take a project through to offshore high volume manufacturing using the appropriate technology. We have experience with metal casting and forming and plastic moulding processes.

We can organise offshore manufacturing for medium volume projects and produce a comprehensive production pack to allow the customer to implement high volume manfacturing.

Projects we have been involved in include : -

Masthead Receive Boxes

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Cellular Multiband Phase Adjusting Towertop filtering Receivers

    .061026 0989 alpha2 1 medium

Double DCS/UMTS Diplexers

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